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Security Consulting Service Introduction

The Nine Areas:

1. Development process

2. Operation and maintenance process

3. Technical component selection

4. Maintain existing developed systems

5. Overall product structure and operation process

6. Key technical team grouping

7. Office network topology and terminal status

8. The current situation of the overall risk control system

9. Team collaboration platform

We offer our clients advisory service through conducting targeted security survey and provide security solution suggestion in nine areas. At the same time, the SlowMist security team tracks the security process of our clients to ensure the security recommendations are accurately implemented.

Service Process:

1. SlowMist provides preliminary survey to the client

2. Customer feedback questionnaire, and arrange meeting communication details

3. SlowMist provides advice on targeted security measures to the client

4. SlowMist conducts continuous vulnerability information tracking and patch implementation follow-up for the client

5. SlowMist provides continuous emergency response support for the client

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