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Security Consulting Services - IntroWeb3 Security Consulting Services

We offer our clients advisory services by conducting targeted security audits and proposing security solutions for a variety of environments. Simultaneously, the SlowMist Security Team monitors the security processes of our clients to ensure that the security recommendations are appropriately executed.

Security Environments:

  • 1. Developmental Processes
  • 2. Operational & Maintenance Procedures
  • 3. Selection of Technical Equipment & Components
  • 4. Maintenance of Pre Existing Infrastructure
  • 5. Product Architecture & System Processes
  • 6. Key Technical Team Grouping
  • 7. Network Topology and Terminal Status of the Organization
  • 8. Evaluation of the existing state of the overall Risk Management System
  • 9. Platform for Team Collaboration

Service Method:

  • 1. SlowMist consults a preliminary survey for the client
  • 2. SlowMist issues a questionnaire for client feedback, followed by a meeting to discuss specifics
  • 3. SlowMist provides tailored security recommendations to the client
  • 4. SlowMist continuously tracks vulnerability details and monitors patch installation progress for the client
  • 5. SlowMist provides the client ongoing emergency response support

The security threats that web3 projects confront are not limited to those that occur on-chain, such as with smart contracts, but also encompass various security threats that occur off-chain, with regards to factors such as personnel, developmental and operational procedures, technical components, etc. Based on the *Security Consulting Services* framework, we've created a consulting service optimized for Web3 projects that include:

  • 1. Complete Security Analysis (Quarterly Security Evaluations)
  • 2. On-chain Emergency Response Services
  • 3. Threat Intelligence Data Sharing (Vulnerabilities & Risks)
  • 4. Product Testing of Security Services (MistTrack, Smart Contract Monitoring)
  • 5. Priority Scheduling of Security Audit Services

This security solution addresses the requirements of an entire security system as well as the life cycle of a target project. Furthermore, it compensates for the inadequacies of one-time security services such as security audits.

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