After the SlowMist security team's audit, the audit result is



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SlowMist Team


Solidity Security Audit
Overflow Audit Race Conditions Audit Permission Vulnerability Audit
Safety Design Audit Denial of Service Audit Gas Optimization Audit
Design Logic Audit "False-Deposit" Vulnerability Audit Malicious Event Log Audit
Scoping and Declarations Audit Replay Attack Audit Uninitialized Storage Pointer Audit
Arithmetic Accuracy Deviation Audit
EOS Security Audit
Overflow Audit Authority Control Audit Safety Design Audit
Denial of Service Audit Performance Optimization Audit Design Logic Audit
False Notice Audit False Error Notification Audit Counterfeit Token Audit
Random Number Security Audit Rollback Attack Audit Replay Attack Audit
Dusting Attack Audit Micro Fork Audit Tx-Exclude Attack Audit


SlowMist issues this report with reference to the facts that have occurred or existed before the issuance of this report, and only assumes corresponding responsibility based on these. For the facts that occurred or existed after the issuance, SlowMist is not able to judge the security status of this project, and is not responsible for them. The security audit analysis and other contents of this report are based on the documents and materials provided to SlowMist by the information provider till the date of the insurance report (referred to as "provided information"). SlowMist assumes: The information provided is not missing, tampered with, deleted or concealed. If the information provided is missing, tampered with, deleted, concealed, or inconsistent with the actual situation, the SlowMist shall not be liable for any loss or adverse effect resulting therefrom. SlowMist only conducts the agreed security audit on the security situation of the project and issues this report. SlowMist is not responsible for the background and other conditions of the project.

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