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Security Consulting Services - IntroWeb3 Security Consulting Services

We offer our clients advisory services by conducting targeted security audits and proposing security solutions for a variety of environments. Simultaneously, the SlowMist Security Team monitors the security processes of our clients to ensure that the security recommendations are appropriately executed.

Security Environments:

  • 1. Developmental Processes
  • 2. Operational & Maintenance Procedures
  • 3. Selection of Technical Equipment & Components
  • 4. Maintenance of Pre Existing Infrastructure
  • 5. Product Architecture & System Processes
  • 6. Key Technical Team Grouping
  • 7. Network Topology and Terminal Status of the Organization
  • 8. Evaluation of the existing state of the overall Risk Management System
  • 9. Platform for Team Collaboration

Service Method:

  • 1. SlowMist consults a preliminary survey for the client
  • 2. SlowMist issues a questionnaire for client feedback, followed by a meeting to discuss specifics
  • 3. SlowMist provides tailored security recommendations to the client
  • 4. SlowMist continuously tracks vulnerability details and monitors patch installation progress for the client
  • 5. SlowMist provides the client ongoing emergency response support

The security risks faced by the Web3 project are not only on the chain such as smart contracts, but also include many security risks off the chain, such as personnel, development and operation processes, technical components, etc., based on the framework of "Security Consulting Service" Relevant optimizations have been made to create security consulting services for Web3 projects, including:

  • 1. Overall Consultation of Security System (Quarterly Security Evaluation)
  • 2. On-chain Emergency Response Service
  • 3. Threat Intelligence Sharing (Vulnerability & Attack)
  • 4. Trial of Security Service Products (MistTrack, Smart Contract Monitoring)
  • 5. Security Audit Service Priority Scheduling

The security consulting service well solves the needs of the entire security system and security life cycle of the target project, and also makes up for the shortcomings of one-time security services such as security audits.

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