Security Monitoring

SlowMist has made progress in promoting the security of blockchains as well as combating the rising number of security incidents. We recognize that security as a whole is a dynamic process that is constantly evolving. As a result, we built a fluid and comprehensive security monitoring system that protects our clients from both past and future incidents.

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Processing Flow

Security Monitoring Service

Security Monitoring Service Content

Serial Number Monitoring Class Monitoring Subclass
1 Business Baseline Security Web Application Firewall (WAF) Monitoring
DDoS/CC Defense Monitoring
Registered Security Monitoring
Login security Program
Data Transmission Security Monitoring
2FA Security Program
Session security Program
Exchange API Security Program
Top-up Security Program
Withdrawal Security Program
Transaction Security Program
Security Education
Anti-phishing Program
New Token Transaction Security Program
KYC Security Program
AML Security Program
Is there a Security Audit Report issued by a third party (learn about the Exchange Audit of SlowMist Technology)
2 Production Network Security DNS Security
Cloud service security (cloud platform login security, cloud platform service external firewall configuration, cloud platform service internal firewall configuration, cloud platform API configuration and security)
Authority security (hierarchical authorization strategy, personnel management)
3 Server Security Basic Configuration Security
Upgrade and Patch Program
Third-party Module Security
Application Services Security
API Service Security
Database Service Security
Caching Service Security
Private Key Management Service Security
Node Service Security
4 Application Security Web Security (Reference Standard: OWASP ASVS & OWASP TOP 10)
App Security (Reference Standard: OWASP MASVS)
API Security (Reference Standard: OWASP ASVS & OWASP TOP 10)
5 Private Key Security Hot Wallet Security (private key generation, private key and security)
Cold Wallet Security (private key generation, storage, and security)
6 Office Network Security Office Network Security (Internet router security, intranet IoT device security, traffic security detection and defense planning, network isolation security)
Office Terminal Security (PC terminal installs well-known antivirus software, PC terminal security upgrade strategy, unknown terminal access discovery strategy, secure Internet access program)

Service Package

Package A Package B Package C Package D

Security Monitoring Cycle

Once / 1 month

Security Monitoring Cycle

Once / 2 months

Security Monitoring Cycle

Once / 3 months

Security Monitoring Cycle

Once / 6 months

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